Find out how you can job shadow this summer.

Barinaga because he is the person that would give me good hands on experience on the path to becoming an orthodontist.

How can students with disabilities gain work experience while in high school or college?

The job shadow site was very clean with a friendly atmosphere looked like I was in a house. Barinaga is people person he is very kind hearted and is friendly to all his patients he is a hard worker always adjusting the braces for all his patients that come in, and also filling out a lot of paperwork for his patients, he also helps out around the work site to see if any of his assistants need help. What I liked most about job shadowing Dr. I also got the chance to be in the lab room where they create molded teeth models of their patients and use the models and this machine that heats up a plastic disk then they put it over the teeth model to create plastic retainers for their patients.

Barinaga for giving me the chance to observe and job shadow him in action this gave a lot of knowledge of what to expect when becoming an orthodontist in the future.

What surprised me the most while job shadowing Dr. Barinaga was that all his assistants were women, but they are all really nice and outgoing I had fun conversations with all of them, they also gave me a tour around the worksite and they answered every question I would ask them.

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Barinaga is such a successful orthodontist. I would extremely consider studying to become an orthodontist, even though it might take a long time to finish this career on the long run is worth every long year, once you receive your doctoral degree in dentistry you will be getting paid 80 or more per hour and be making over , a year!

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What I discovered while job shadowing Dr. Barinaga was that a lot of science is involved in the orthodontist career like knowing the names of the teeth types, the anatomy of the human mouth and also you have to be able to use chemistry skills reason why is because each orthodontist has a lab room in which they create teeth models for their patients and retainers or mouth guards using chemicals. Several professional associations have students chapters here at Missouri State.

Selecting a Major

Becoming actively involved in campus organizations not only enables you to learn more about occupations, but it also develops various skill sets, introduces you to new possibilities, and expands your network of contents. Job search engines search the web specifically for job postings based upon your search criteria and compile or aggregate them into a list.

Many people use job search engines for job searches, but the websites are useful for research occupations and employers also. Informational interviewing is an interview with a twist: instead of employers doing the interview, students or career explorers interview the employer. If you are exploring occupations, learn how informational interviews may benefit you.

Find out how to prepare for informational interviews and what to do during and after the interview. Counselors connect students with alumni and community employers to explore occupational options and learn the realities of various careers.

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Students talk with professionals either through informational interviews in person or over the phone or go on-site to observe the work first hand. Student makes arrangements with the employer of choice regarding date and length of visit 1 to 2 hours, half a day, all day, etc. Job Shadowing is a popular experiential learning activity that enables students to gather information on careers before deciding on a course of study.

Job Shadowing provides the following opportunities for students:.