Another issue which should not be overlooked by the official authorities is the growing use of erotic images in an advertisement Hill, These images often are frequently viewed as role models by many adolescents who are very inclined to imitate the things that they see on television. Looking for essay on advertising? Let's see if we can help you!

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Under some circumstances, advertising contributes to the over-sexualization of many girls, and at this point, governmental officials appear to be indifferent about it. Again, we have to stress the idea that advertising should not be considered as the sole culprit. Oversexualization can also be accounted for by the influence of television, the Internet, and popular culture, in general.

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Overall, these examples show that advertising as an agent of socialization strongly affects our worldview. The critical task of governmental officials is to make the advertising more transparent or more honest to the customers, for instance, if we are speaking about such issue as promotion of food. Furthermore, if a particular commercial deliberately misrepresents facts, it should be removed entirely. This argument is particularly relevant to the marketing of pharmaceutical products.

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There is no point in denying the fact that advertising makes a crucial contribution to the growth and development of the modern economy. Very often it is done at the expense of consumers, and the government should not overlook such practices. Edlin G. Essentials for health and wellness.

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Advertising to the American woman, Columbus: Ohio State University Press, Obesity in childhood and adolescence. NY: Karger Publishers.

Even, the quality of product is not the same as shown in that time. However, these advertisements are producing gargantuan impact on consumers mind. Firstly, Government plays imperative role to stop manipulation during promotion of product. Government should introduce strong laws against the companies those plays with the quality and effects of product in promotion time. Furthermore, celebrities should understand that they are idolizing of people, people trust on what they are saying for any product. Therefore, they do not help companies to wrong interpretation of product. To recapitulate, Government as well as celebrities should notice about the manipulation of quality during advertising time.

People should use their own thinking when the buy a product. You can comment below on their Essay on the Influence of Advertisements. Some say that advertisements of toys and snacks have a huge impact on children and their parents, and therefore advertising to children should be banned. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

Give your own opinion. Since the dawn of time, advertisements have been a connecting medium between the society and the business centres. The majority of a human being, through the ages, have been relying on such strong system without much analysis of its credibility. Children, in their growing ages, are not able to judge the usefulness of any product.

In the present growing market, a giant number of advertisements are directed towards children like a food product, toys, video games or other costly electronics, different clothes and uncountable varieties of cosmetics. In my view, advertisements of toys and snacks indicating towards children should be banned. The notion will be proved by analysis the harmful health effects and impact on behavior.

First of all, food habit of children should be healthy. Age appropriate balanced diet should be decided by the parents. The habit of a healthy diet will be damaged by fast food like different snacks, chips, canned food, deep fried food which are though tasty but having very little caloric value. For example, if a child satisfies hunger with ready-made fast food, then he or she will not be interested towards the food like milk, green leafy vegetables and so forth.

Thus, it proves that advertisements of such product will rather harm the growing heath. That is why, it is advisable to restrict the door of such advertisements directing towards children. Secondly, attractive toys, beautiful articles always lure children to gain that product by any means.

It often deviates a growing adolescent to the road of anger, violence and frustration. Furthermore, when a child gets attracted to a product and parents cannot afford it due financial difficulty, it creates a huge impact on growing brain of a child. For example, children might think himself as an unprivileged person in the society in comparison to his peers. Hence, it is quite evident that the negative behavioral effect is linearly correlated with such faulty advertisements. Therefore, it is not wise to augment the negative behavioral phenotype inside a growing child since early ages.

To sum up, it is clear that advertisements of snacks and toys have a miserable effect on children physical health and behavior. Though some people might not give a look on the negativity of such phenomenon, it often creates a lot of tension among caregivers.

According to me, it is always the duty of the parents to decide over activity of children. Leaving them vulnerable to such adverts will definitely harm them in a large extent.

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So, I strongly opine against the use of advertisements especially directing towards children. Nowadays in worldwide nations, every moment, we are displayed advertisements on TV shows, magazines or huge LED boards situated on intersections. In what methods they are produced or how much producers care about ethical trend to making them? I believe they intent to have more watcher to earn more money regardless to its consequences. In first point of view, some families my does not need something that is displaying on tv, but as home wife see the advertisement will feel that is a good idea to have it and decide to buy it immediately.

In another case, there is families who have young offspring who mentally is not wise enough to perceive everything in family situation. Therefore, they will have high demand while they are watching a new toy advertisement. Begging his parent to purchase it and crying all time. As a result his poor father will be finally obliged to buy the toy.

In second point, they may use psychological weaknesses; for example, by displaying a young lady with fitness body who is using some stuff on show to attract people for the good. It may apparently not so bad, but if we go deep in down will understand that how it may have an effect of youth brain and corrupt it. Or by using a charming sentences on cigarette box "the ideal of a manhood" as a person see this advertisement on the box, will feel himself on his dreams and will buy it.

In conclusion, the advertisement makers, regardless to the bad effects the advertise may cause on people, will made them due to make their customers satisfying. But it may have bad consequences on society which due to avoiding this trend i suggest authorities make some plans for the circumstance to check and control advertisements before showing up.

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How can it be improved? You can comment below. A high percentage advertisements are aimed at children. What are effects of television advertisements on children? How we control this problem?

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Nowadays, there is bombard of advertisements on satelite channels, which sucessfully manipulate their target audience views and opinions. In this regards, some people believe that Television advertisements are influence to children for unhealthy diet and societal values in wrong way. I am agree with this notion, this essay will be analysed this items by give examples and give the methods to tackle this problem.