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In my opinion, listening to music is a useful way of concentrating on something.

The Importance of Music In My Life Essay Example For Students | Artscolumbia

First of all, it helps you to relax. It is very important to feel relaxed before doing something difficult. For example, my friend always listens to rock music before he does his homework.

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Secondly, experts say that some kinds of music, for instance, classic, improve your cognitive abilities. This way, you become more focused.

Everyday life

Thirdly, listening to music, you can catch the inspiration which can provide you with some good ideas how to do your work better. However, some people might disagree.

Daily Routine (Short Film)

In their view, when you listen to music, you concentrate on words, and it distracts you from what you are doing. Moreover, when a song finishes, you need to switch your player to a different one. Spending time on it, you forget about your daily routine. I cannot agree with the above ideas. I think that entertainment helps to get in balance with the obligatory part in life, which is filled with responsibilities, duties and obligations and the voluntary part, which consists of elements to distract oneself from the burden of the obligatory part.

People want to be entertained with things that differ from the ordinary and distract them from their daily routine.

Show business sells and media are not likely to filter something, which sells. What we are doing now is trying to cast the part of President.

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What Arthur Miller has observed proves one more time that acting has become omnipresent, whether in politics or daily life. Given the fact that the average American spends 19 and the average Briton 18 hours in front of the TV BBC News , one can draw the conclusion that society is used to acting, because it is confronted with acting in everything it sees.

Politicians have learned how to use acting in order to adapt to the age of entertainment. Miller M H Marcus Hitzberger Author.

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