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Lunch Poems - Eavan Boland

Her work, he suggests, attains equilibrium by using myth and history as a palimpsest, locating traces and overlaying them with new narratives. Whether through her use of mythology, her rejection of the pastoral, or her subversion of the domestic, Boland has always managed to use the code in order to upend it, to enter history from outside while pushing language to test its limits.

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  • Renowned Stanford poet Eavan Boland interrogates identity and nationhood in new collection.

What is perhaps most remarkable about this collection is its consistent, and uncommon, dedication to the language of the poetry. It is impossible to do justice to the collection in so little space, but a final observation is that it feels deeply personal.

While all the poems are indirectly dedicated to Boland, several cite her directly. The guidance of the editors, poets both, lends a keenness and sensitivity to the collection, and even where personal connections may not exist, the treatment of the work feels personal by virtue of its respectful handling of the texts, an inside look at a body of work once defined by its being outside.

Eavan Boland's Poetry Analysis

In this work, Boland explores the complexities of marriage and the importance of communication within one. Boland supplements her topical ideas with marvellous use of poetic techniques. A unique feature of her work is punctuation. Use this as a starting point to make your own — because the outcome will be better.

Eavan Boland: Inside History - read an extract

However, structure is another major issue people struggle with. However, before you can do that, you need to be clear in your own head. For this you need a plan. This is an example of an essay structured by abstract idea rather than by poem.

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Such an essay can only be written by someone quite confident in their knowledge. The point of this is to show how clear you should be on what you are writing before you sit down to actually write the essay.

There is no need to write out a plan like this in the exam.