How old is Walton at the beginning of the story?

Had I a right…to inflict this curse upon everlasting generations? The description of a new race of horrific creatures populating the planet for an indefinite amount of time is sublime in that it is both irrational to believe that it is within the realm of possibilities and discomforting to imagine the outcome of such a situation. In Frankenstein, Shelley also argues against the need for science to validate the human experience. Victor attempts to play God in Frankenstein , removing the spiritual element from creation, thus discrediting vitalism. Likewise, the inability to comprehend a future of artificial-making plays into the anxieties surrounding scientific progress, particularly those revolving around the Industrial Revolution.

Analysis of Romanticism in Frankenstein Through Digital Tools | EN Literature & Technology

Furthermore, this argument highlights the issues that arise when one is not willing to take responsibility for the negative outcomes of their scientific experiments, an underlying anxiety throughout the text. Victor, rather than taking on the parental role of a father to his creation, shutters in fear of what he has created. Scientific advancement, when not properly conducted or conducted with little regard for anything other than personal gain, can be quite harmful to the human race.

But he fears what people will think of him for creating a monstrosity and abandons his creation at the moment it enters the world, thus preserving his reputation but placing his family and the world at risk. For Victor, the idea of being ostracized from society, which would put him in the same position as his creation, is horrifying and incomprehensible, leading him to act selfishly.

Once the value of human life is realized, the unthinkable has already occurred, and scientific progress becomes a societal detriment. Walton, whose letters both open and close the novel, is an explorer seeking to reach the North Pole, until he learns of the devastation that has befallen Frankenstein as a result of his restless pursuit of the sciences. Such a conclusion indicates that while Frankenstein was initially unable to recognize the dangers of scientific progress and the value of human life, his tale instilled in Walton an understanding Victor lacked.

In heading back to England, Walton both turns away from science as well as leads the reader away from the sublime, back toward a more comprehensible way of life. Throughout the novel Frankenstein, the sublime is used as a method of highlighting the uncertainty surrounding unfounded scientific progress. While the novel was written two centuries ago, the message of the novel remains timeless, and has throughout history. While much scientific progress has greatly benefited human life, such as advancements in the healthcare fields and developing practices that reduce toxins emitted into the environment, other endeavors have done more harm than good, particularly those causing mass destruction and the loss of countless lives.

When striving to make an impact in the sciences, one must take the time to consider the implications, as well as whether their intentions are for the betterment of mankind, or for personal fame.

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Padley, Jonathan. Shelley, Mary. London: Harper, Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

Frankenstein Analytical Essay: how Frankenstein embodies Romanticism?

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Essays. The dark romantic genre puts these views in the literary world, further spreading this mindset through the readers. The stories these authors created…. Realism The French Revolution brought about enormous change in the world. With the collapse of the absolute monarchy, the rules of society began to shift in favor of the common people.

Under the new laws writers and artists were given a considerable amount of freedom to express themselves which did well to pave the way to set a high standard for literature Gregory, During the time following the…. Essays Essays FlashCards.

Browse Essays. Home Page frankenstein - romanticism Essay. Show More. When the creator of the monster turned his back on him and deserted him he was forced out into the world, much as a small child in that he had limited exposure to anything outside the former security of his home. This uses two of the needed ingredients for romanticism, autobiographical ideas and imagery. The book may also be a representation of a fear of childbirth felt by the author.

This would not be surprising given that her own mother died giving birth to Shelley. Shelley may have viewed herself as a monster who was so hideous that she killed her own mother being born. This would fit right in with the autobiographical themes that were so.

Read More. Words: - Pages: 7. Essay on Elements of Romanticism in Frankenstein To what extent do the Frankenstein extracts reflect the central concerns of Romanticism? Words: - Pages: 3. Frankenstein vs. Words: - Pages: 8. Essay The Romantic Era Of Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein Romanticism was a literary, intellectual, and artistic movement which began in the second half of the eighteenth century in Western Europe and gained strength during the European Industrial Revolution.

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