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CSR Case Study: The Body Shop -

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IT and Systems. Case Details. Case Intro 1. But for all those companies, the view seems to be that CSR programs are a good investment. Unlike ordinary business entrepreneurs who base their decisions solely on financial returns, social entrepreneurs incorporate the objective of creating social value into their founding business models. Social entrepreneurship has become exceedingly popular in recent years and a number of prestigious business schools have created specific academic programs in the field.

How marketing will help The Body Shop become the world's most ethical and sustainable brand

It is often said that social entrepreneurs are changing the world. They are lauded for their ability to effect far-reaching social change through innovative solutions that disrupt existing patterns of production, distribution, and consumption. Undeniably, social entrepreneurship can arouse a striking level of enthusiasm among consumers.

The following video explains how it works:. The enthusiasm associated with social entrepreneurship is perhaps emblematic of increased global social awareness, which is evidenced by increased charitable giving worldwide. A study showed that 83 percent of Americans wish brands would support causes; 41 percent have bought a product because it was associated with a cause a figure that has doubled since ; 94 percent said that, given the same price and quality, they were likely to switch brands to one that represented a cause; and more than 90 percent think companies should consider giving in the communities in which they do business.

Despite the eager reception from consumers, critics of social entrepreneurship have raised concerns about the creation of social value in a for-profit context.

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Thus, TOMS is sometimes mistaken for a charity because it donates shoes to children in developing countries, yet it is also in business to sell shoes. Mycoskie a wealthy man. While companies are starting to look more like charities, nonprofits are also increasingly relying on business principles to survive an uncertain economy in which donors expect to see tangible results from their charitable contributions.

Our understanding of social entrepreneurship is complicated by the absence of any consensus on ways to measure social outcomes. As a result, there is little concrete statistical data available on the impact of social entrepreneurship.

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Indeed, there is not much agreement on a precise definition of social entrepreneurship, so it becomes difficult to say to what extent any given company is an example of social entrepreneurship. If so, what makes Blake Mycoskie a social entrepreneur? In some cases, it has been argued, social entrepreneurs can even do more harm than good.

Lacking a full understanding of the socioeconomic and cultural dynamic of the developing countries in which they intervene, social enterprises can undermine fragile local markets and foster dependence on foreign assista nce. But in the end, the individual impact of social entrepreneurial ventures may outweigh some of these concerns. Answer the question s below to see how well you understand the topics covered above. This short quiz does not count toward your grade in the class, and you can retake it an unlimited number of times.

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How The Body Shop Uses Content to Drive Social Change

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Bodyshop Case Study

Corporate Social Responsibility. Since Starbucks Coffee started in , the company has focused on acting responsibly and ethically. With this in mind, it created C. Practices, a set of guidelines to achieve product quality, economic accountability, social responsibility and environmental leadership. The company supports products such as Ethos Water, which brings clean water to the more than 1 billion people who do not have access.

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Blake Mycoskie started Toms Shoes on the premise that for every pair of shoes sold, one pair would be donated to a child in need. This innovative idea resulted from a trip to Argentina where Mycoskie saw an overwhelming number of children without shoes. Toms Shoes recognized that consumers want to feel good about what they buy, and thus directly tied the purchase with the donation.

In just four years, Toms Shoes has donated more than , shoes, evidence that consumers have clearly embraced the cause. The brand has a fascinating story which you can read about in detail here , but to summarise it all started when two Californian graduates befriended two local jewellery makers on a trip to Costa Rica.

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The jewellery makers were struggling to make ends meet, so, to try and help out, the two grads requested bracelets to take home with them, so that they could try and sell them from local shops in San Diego.