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Suggest as cover photo Would you like to suggest this photo as the cover photo for this article? Yes, this would make a good choice No, never mind. Thank you for helping! Thanks for reporting this video! If possible, it would be useful to have print-outs of the poems available to stick to a larger sheet of paper. The branches of the mind-map can then emanate from the poem, with relevant connections and annotations. An opportunity to address the Information and Communication Technology General Capability exists with this task, by allowing students to use an online mind-mapping tool.

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After being given the opportunity to do this individually, it would be worthwhile to enable students who have mind-mapped the same poem to compare observations, ideas and responses. Finally, students can be instructed to write about a given number of branches from their mind-map the number can be determined by teacher discretion. Both texts deal with the topic of poetry, and from this comparison:. The literary traditions from which she gained inspiration and which contributed to the central concerns of her poetry:. This includes identifying the subject matter and ideas expressed or alluded to, as well as the tone and mood conveyed.

While such an approach will work adequately when analysing poems in isolation, the Notes and Links column in the table below provides additional avenues for a comparative study. Teachers may nominate aspects to compare in each set, for example:. Wright is well-known for the various elegiac modes she explored during her career. She wrote in less formal poetic modes later in her career.

Rhyme and sound devices — alliteration, consonance, assonance, onomatopoeia. In these poems, as in others, she addresses the subject of the poem directly and so conveys the intimacy of dialogue. Wright is famous for her use of rich nature imagery. This not only includes detailed, poetic descriptions of places and creatures, but also the way she often personifies the landscape to suggest the natural connection between humankind and the natural world.

Australian poems

Wright often uses biblical, classical and literary allusions. Following the close readings and comparisons, students are given the opportunity to articulate their observations and interpretations in a series of paragraphs. These are intended to provide experience in referencing multiple texts to support a point. Modelling expectations is recommended since students may have little prior experience in such writing and may lack confidence.

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An important skill to develop will be the use of linking or transition words and phrases such as: similarly, unlike, on the other hand, in contrast, etc. From her earliest writing, Wright is preoccupied with nature and places, but it is useful to trace the forms that preoccupation takes. In their specificity they often signify wider truths of human and natural existence. In the spirit of critical inquiry, students can be asked to consider whether or not they think that Wright over-simplifies the processes of industrial development and environmental conservation.

Judith Wright was writing poetry during a time when Australia was, as has been widely recognised, a discriminatory and sexist place.

Woman to Child- Judith Wright

Bringing up children is not a real occupation, because children come up just the same, brought up or not. Rather than the hardship of the bush offering a spiritual or transcendent experience for poor itinerant workers, one might argue instead that they endured lives of unrelieved misery. Still, it must be remembered that Wright became a committed socialist and this political commitment emerged markedly in later activity. Her later poetry and prose contributions to public discourse led her to be considered a champion of the Left. They remain fresh and topical in their sophisticated eco-philosophy and spatial sensitivity.

In this assessment task, students embark on a creative response to a self-selected Wright poem. The approach and scope of the assessment will be dependent on the recording and editing facilities available to students. Those with school-supplied laptops should have basic film editing and voice recording software already installed.

The Two Threads of a Life: Judith Wright, the Environment and Aboriginality

While students may wish to film their own footage, there is also an option to source Creative Commons material for this project. Note: It is possible that some teachers may prefer a pared-down approach to this task that avoids the video production component. In such a case, many of the same objectives for the task can be achieved by having students complete the poem transformation with images presented via PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi.

In this case, the reading can either be recorded or read out directly to the class. Students select a poem from the Judith Wright anthology and transform it into a visual text that effectively conveys an appropriate mood and tone, while complementing the words with appropriate images. A restriction is that the full text of the poem is not to be displayed students may use well-chosen key words for creative purposes. Instead, their video productions need to contain a voice recording of their reading of the selected poem.

A separate component of this assessment is to have students submit a word rationale for the creative decisions they have made that is, they should explain their choice of images, the pace of visuals and reading of poem , choice of background music, tone of voice in reading, etc. Panel discussions are ideal vehicles through which students demonstrate understandings and gain experience in engaging in literary discourse.

The activity presented here is not formally assessed so they gain confidence in the format although panel discussions can be used as an effective assessment mode. It is also designed to act as a revision of major concepts and knowledge covered during the unit and takes advantage of small group discussion to explore ideas, clarify concepts and develop skills.

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Since the panel discussion requires students to synthesise knowledge and skills gained over previous lessons, extensive preparation time is not required. In fact, minimal preparation time is preferred so students focus on revising what they know and avoiding having the activity distract from their formal assessments. By not specifying a particular poem, students are encouraged to draw upon the range of poems studied to support their ideas. As a research essay, the assessment also requires students to support their argument with reference to at least two critical analyses.

Teachers may have given students exposure to some critical analyses in the course of this unit, any of which may be drawn upon in crafting their essay. A recommended list of critical essays that will suit the topic is also provided below. Have students write an essay in which they respond to this statement, ensuring that they:. Teachers will need to set clear expectations regarding the use of direct quotes and referencing of critical works based on the past exposure students have had to literature research essays.

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  4. Duration Four weeks, plus time to complete one or two rich assessment tasks. Consequently, this unit takes advantage of the plus years of Judith Wright poetry offered in this collection by taking individual poems, separated by changing contexts, stylistic and structural features, and comparing them to a number of reading practices and perspectives. Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Australia.

    Date of Publication Category Poetry. She has a PhD in Australian colonial historical novels and has taught extensively across a range of institutions including the University of Tasmania, Curtin University, the University of Western Australia and Western Australian secondary schools. A common feature of each role has been his willingness to embrace the teaching and learning opportunities afforded by information and communication technologies, and to share his strategies with teaching colleagues.

    Matteo currently offers professional development in applications and curriculum implications of Information and Communication Technology. Menu Log In Join Us. Wright: Collected Poems About the book Essay. Print Email Register to Bookmark. Add notes to the Wright: Collected Poems bookmark Save. Introductory activities Tapping into prior knowledge and values It is assumed that basic knowledge of poetic forms, techniques and functions will have been addressed earlier in this course. Historical context Many of the themes and issues that concerned Judith Wright and which are reflected in her poetry still resonate in contemporary Australian culture.

    Personal response on reading the text Students select one of the poems discussed in the lecture and create a mind-map that forms connections between different ways of reading it.