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If you did not receive a letter, or if you are still looking for ideas on what to include, please see the prompts below:. If you are struggling with how to word your letter so it makes sense to your pen pal, please check out these outstanding example letters. These letters were typed, but we encourage you to hand-write your letters if possible.

Sample Letter 1 : This is a fantastic introductory letter. The scientist asks relevant questions and sounds genuinely interested in learning about her pen pal. This letter was written to a seventh grader.

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It may take a fifth grader a long time to read through a letter this long. Sample Letter 2 : This letter was written as the second or third letter to a pen pal. It is excellent because it addresses a topic success in a way that is encouraging, relevant and kid-friendly. It asks specific questions and provides advice for exploring in the future.

This letter was written to a seventh grader, and includes a few high-level vocabulary words. Introduce yourself : Where does your family live and how many siblings do you have if any? Do you have any pets? Describe your hobbies and give a unique fact about yourself. Current profession : If you are in college, describe your major and interesting facts about your college.

I shared it with my readers on Facebook. I love writing snail mail but I rarely get any back. Canadian postage is so expensive. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks so much for sharing, Amanda! It seems like snail mail has become a lost art but there is a growing movement of people who are writing again which makes me happy.

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Thanks so much for stopping by! What a wonderful thing to promote. I have to say that I still love to go to the mail box. The anticipation of the fact that there might be a letter or some personal correspondence is a thrill. And I think now more than ever because of all the electronic mail a letter is treasured!!! My dad is gone today but I still can hold in my hand a little bit of my dad and remember……….

Thanks for sharing!! What a treasure to have those letters from your dad! I keep my old letters too—they are like little time capsules. Thanks so much for stopping by, Rebecca! I had no idea April was letter writing month! I just came up with a way to mail things in a DIY fabric mailing envelope and now I have double the reason to start sending letters and gifts! Great post! Love idea of encouragement cards! I just went over to your site and LOVE your fabric mailing envelope.

What a clever idea!

April is Letter Writing Month! | Ideas for Writing Letters | Jennie Moraitis

You have motivated me to write some letters. This is truly becoming a lost art.

Thank you for sharing. I have been thinking that I need to get back into the habit of writing notes and sending in the mail. Texting, email and Facebook seem to have replaced all of that for me. I know, right? Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Ellen! All of my family lives out of state and I need to be better at writing too—so I suppose my encouragement-to-write posts are written for me too! Have a lovely day! I just love an old fashioned hand written letter. Now check your email to confirm your subscription and take the challenge. There was an error submitting your subscription.

Write Now: 18 Letter Writing Prompts

Please try again. For example, 1 corresponds to the date, 2 corresponds to the greeting, etc. That way, they don't lose their place in copying off the board, or forget the placement of parts of a letter when they do their work independently. Also, we plan on writing postcards for a US postcard exchange. I wish you the best of luck. Hope it helps.

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I did the following earlier this year to intro basic friendly letter format: Let's pretend that your mom was at home with your dad one night and she heard a knocking sound. She'd want to know where it was coming from. When someone gets a letter it's just like knocking on their door, so you need to tell them where it is coming from return address. Then your mom would roll over in bed and look at the clock to see what time it was.

If it was a letter your mom would look to see when it was written. Next, your mom hears someone calling to her, "Dear Mom! A letter View Item words Friendly Letters Posted by:bayleigh Please Signin Here are some stories that are written like friendly letters. Blueberry I have a friendly letter in a center that they have to put together.

Also, when we are talking about the parts of the letter, I tell them to think of their body. First comes the heading think of their head on top then you greet someone think of waving your hand. Then come the body think of your body next. Then your closing think of always saying goodbye when you leave someone. Then the signature you always sign your name.

This may sound corny, but corny works for my kidsthey remember. I make it a very structured kind of center. Students are given a range of materials they can use to write letters, plus a sample of what the envelope needs to look like. In our class they write during centers time. I have a post office set up where they can "buy" stamps, paper and envelopes. Later in the year we do away with that piece and put the stamps, etc. Rules for the center include writing positive things to others and we talk about what that might look like and why we do it.

The letters must have an address AND a return address or they will not be delivered. This prevents anyone from writing a poison pen letter. Any letter that doesn't have this information goes in the dead letter office trash can. Letters are View Item words business letter writing Posted by:Carolyn B. I used the "World of Language" textbook to teach the proper format. They identified the parts, as taught by the textbook. We did the exercises on that first day. The second day, I brought in a catalog which I received in the mail from Dell Computers.

The catalog was filled with various electronic products, including digital cameras, computer games, PC's, etc. I gave the students a sheet which had lines on it where they were to write the parts of the letter as they composed it.