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The reasons why people become homeless may also be extreme poverty, mental health or substance abuse problems of somebody in the family. Violence at home has a direct and undeniable connection to homelessness; young generation and women, in particular, the ones with kids are subject to it most, they frequently leave their homes without any proper support. Women who live below the poverty line and experience domestic violence in many cases prefer leaving their home to the abusive relationship.

Youngsters, who become victims of neglect and exploitation, leave their homes as well. Structural factors are the social and fiscal issues, which influence the social environment and opportunities of the individuals. Unfortunately, economic shifts countrywide and local generate challenges for citizens; they are forced to look for the opportunities to earn more as they spend more on foodstuff and housing.

The poor individuals, often fail to cover their vital necessities: childcare, education, housing, and healthcare are the main of them, so poverty and homelessness essay is a usual educational assignment. These 2 phenomena are closely connected, the impoverished are often just one step from losing their home. However, discrimination is generally the most decisive factor in this cluster, it can actually restrict the realization of the right to justice, assistance, and employment, thus putting ethnic and sexual minorities under a greater risk.

Finally, systems failures are the ones, which occur when the care and support systems fail, making individuals look for their new way around, but in the streets. The examples of such may become the difficulties with moving of the individuals from child welfare, release from health facilities, hospitals, and correctional establishments in a wrong way, lack of backing for immigrants and refugees also belong here.

When working on research papers on homelessness in America you may go into more details on the following reasons, of homelessness. Unemployment — is the main issue leading to homelessness, lack of income whether from losing a job or being unable to find it results in shifting the individuals down into the streets.

Personal or family crisis. Individuals having steady income may be kicked into the street due to an emergency of some kind, which arises in the family, with health or because of some other unexpectedness. Each unforeseen situation threatens with housing loss for those people who live already in scarcity.

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It may actually be something like simple car towing, poor health condition or death of a family member. Divorce, being an expensive matter also influences the earnings of each participant and may quickly spin a person into living rough, though such experience may be only short-term, just some kind of a transitional stage of life.

Affordable housing, though in such metropolitan cities as New York, San Francisco, and some others inexpensive accommodation is almost unavailable, the citizens are also crunched with the costs of living out of these areas.

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In the USA you are unlikely to be able to cover the expense of an average 2-bedroom flat anywhere around the country if only 1 family member is employed and paid a minimum wage. You can mention it in your written work or write a separate essay on homeless youth. The absence of the supporting network. Having a support network, you often take it for granted. The backing may take various forms — family, relatives, friends, colleagues or even some kinds of greater communities.

When a person has somebody believing in him or her, one can move things around, but people, who are unfortunate to lack support are often sharply aware of this fact and suffer from this. Substances abuse and problems with mental health.

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In every fifth homeless in the US suffered from the chronic substance abuse. Altogether such people made more than , US citizens. For this category of people, permanent supportive housing is vital, they need to have a stable place where they can stay combined with proper assistance and essential services to benefit from. Such people have a lot of challenges every day and often stay homeless for a longer period. They usually have problems with self-care and lots of obstacles to finding a job. A comprehensive analytical research paper on causes of homelessness will not still be enough to understand it in full as every person has a story, his own story.

However, we can initiate the understanding of why it happens and start by taking simple actions in our own neighborhood. No cause comes without the consequences and the learners are often asked to provide an essay about homelessness cause and effect. Certain consequences of facing homelessness are quite obvious — it is the change in the overall lifestyle and worsening of the health conditions, some problems with health may even lead to death.

Individuals often face financial difficulties when divorcing; it may be difficult to cover everyday costs having a single income. After becoming homeless one has to change many aspects of life, here belong type and quality of clothing and mode of transportation in the first turn. Though mental illnesses are often viewed as the reason for homelessness, they may also be its consequence. When a person loses everything he has worked and lived for, he may have deep emotional impact resulting into mental problems. Malnutrition, a nutritional insufficiency, is another usual problem of the homeless.

They often suffer from heart diseases, colds, tuberculosis, sleep deprivation, skin infections, drug abuse, AIDS. Unfortunately, people living in the street often become the victims of physical and sexual exploitation, the risk of sexual assault is 20 times higher for women having no home than for those who have it.

Besides, lots of the accidents of such kind remain unreported. Such happenings lead to multiple personal problems and you should mention it in your research paper on the effects of homelessness. In addition to the higher rates of common diseases like asthma and stomach troubles, ear infections, they are more subject to depression, anxiety, and withdrawal. Such children also experience more difficulties in their studies and getting along with their same-age peers. In case you have to prepare a report on the topic, you may mention in your homelessness speech outline that the effect of this problem can be viewed from 3 angles: the influence on individuals, on communities, and on the tax-payers.

By the way, it can also become your main homelessness thesis statement, which you can reveal in more detail further in your speech.

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If the influence on an individual is more or less clear from the written above, the moral and social aspects of influencing the local community can be mentioned. Actually, it challenges the community life on the whole as it tests it in a number of ways. From the moral point of view general public is affected by sharing space with their fellow citizens living in the streets and they have to justify their inaction somehow often assigning fault to the homeless and being reluctant to understand the issues which have resulted into the current crisis.

Social structure suffers as the societies, where large inequity exists in the income and resource distribution are proved to be unhealthy for all citizens. Inequality provokes fear and the feeling of insecurity among all the members of society.

While the victims of some immediate tragedy are often supported and proposed aid, the other individuals having no home of their own often experience shame, stigma, and isolation as their tragedies are not so obvious. However, such tragedies may be no less and even sometimes more severe. No homelessness in America essay should leave the influence of it on taxpayers without attention. The research conducted by the U.

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Actually, a single person living in the street costs the state on average 40, USD per year. The expenses include public services at very high rates -- emergency rooms, police, and courts. Besides, lots of individuals suffering from mental illnesses use the health-care services, when a supporting housing was provided to some of them; it was found out that the reduction of cost servicing was more than 16, USD per housing per year. A decade ago a housing-first programs were introduced around the USA.

The information compiled from 65 cities about all the services affected by homelessness revealed that the annual cost of keeping a person in the street varies from 35, USD to , USD. After the programs were established, the same expenses dropped to the figures ranging from 13, to 25, USD per person per year. Housing the homeless reduces certain risk factors, like exposure to harsh temperatures or unhealthy habits.

Besides bringing a person living in the street into a neat apartment, helps to restore his or her dignity, makes him or her more receptive to interventions and social services support. The level of stress reduces as well as the symptoms related to mental health or substance abuse disorders and consequently the behavior of such people often changes. Research paper ideas about homelessness are variable and you may choose to create helping homeless people essay as your written assignment.

All around the world experts on homelessness have solutions they think will work best. Such efforts may help to develop new partners and shape public information awareness of what is needed to end homelessness. Actually, housing equals security, safety, and care. It is a firm Launchpad, which allows a person to be employed and keep the job, as well as to find a proper place in the society.

The right for housing is a basic right of every human being, a stable connected life is impossible without it.

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Overall national commitment is required to guarantee affordable housing for everyone. Your homelessness essay thesis may sound like this - housing is a fundamental starting and strategic point, which may help to conquer homelessness. Multiple studies have unfailingly proved that long-term housing aid decreases homelessness. Besides, it is cheaper than shelters and other official services.

According to the definition stated by Stewart B. In addition to this, towns during this time like Baltimore and Philadelphia had an increased number of homeless people than any town in America. The government needs to address the many causes to fix the actual problem. Even with an industry to help the homeless, it persistently exists.

There is a dire need for solutions to homelessness and in these the most important…. Homelessness is the condition of people without a regular dwelling or safe home Leblanc. In the year , there were three and a half million homeless people just in the United States Leblanc.